Monday, June 19, 2017

Module 5: Geoprocessing in ArcGIS

This week has us learning how to create a new toolbox, model, and geoprocessing script and script tool. We also learned how to export a model as a script.

The first part of the assignment was the create a model in Model Builder that performed the following tasks:

  • Clips all soils to the extent of the basin polygon.
  • Selects all soils that are classified as "Not prime farmland".
  • Erases the "Not prime farmland" soil selection from the basin polygon.
Below is a screenshot of the model I created:

The model was then exported as a Python script. I ran this script in Python but got an error code, so I fixed the script and ran it again with success (as seen below).

Finally, we were to create a script tool by zipping our created toolbox with our script folder. Below is a screenshot of the the output shapefile from my model/script tool.

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